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Sliding Gate Motor Selection – Factors to Consider

Gate motor ratings from the manufacturer are based on the maximum weight it can push at the slowest speed, on a perfectly level track using all new hardware on a standard sliding gate. A gate on a track with incline puts a lot more load on the motor. The greater the incline the bigger the increase to the load. Worn hardware increases the load and so does a gate’s infill.

The many factors below increase the effective weight of a gate. When you’re matching a motor to a gate, remember each of these things adds to the load on the motor.

The faster it goes the greater the load.
Gate Style
Cantilever and Telescopic gates are harder to get moving than a sliding gate.
The greater the incline, the heavier it is.
Wind force against infill adds load.
Timber Infill
Can absorb water making it much heavier.
If the track isn’t straight or the motor isn’t aligned perfectly, you’ve got more weight.